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The Concept test survey evaluates the potential of a new product or service. The concept analyzed can be in an embryonic state, then only an idea, or in a more advanced stage, in which case the evaluation may be extended to the product and the package.

Unlike the Product test, in which the product is really present, in the Concept test the product still does not exist, or it is not usable: therefore it is shown only the concept of product, presented in graphical form or “virtual”.

The Pack test, finally, focuses primarily on the packaging of the product, considering aspects such as ergonomics and appeal.

The study is carried out on consumers of the product or of similar products or of the same category of complementary products that may be replaced or improved. It enables to:

  • Assess the level of understanding and credibility of the concept
  • Search for the overall level of satisfaction with the strengths and weaknesses of the concept
  • Obtain the measurement of the” intention to buy” induced by the concept
  • Collect information on other key features of the concept
  • Collect suggestions from potential consumers

I concept test servono a valutare le potenzialità di un nuovo prodotto o servizio.
I pack test valutano il packaging del prodotto da tutti i punti di vista,, inclusi l'appeal e l'ergonomia.

Benefits / Advantages

Concept & Product Test:

  • To assess the potential of a concept or of a real product
  • To forecast how the market will welcome a new product or service
  • To identify the strengths and improvement of the product or service to input into the market
  • To define the best name and the most attractive packaging
  • To determine the best price positioning of the product or service
  • To verify the satisfaction of the product or service over the competition

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