The traditional model of the basic techniques Customer Satisfaction indicates how achieving customer loyalty is obtained through the process of transformation from the company and to its efforts to bring in putting the customer at the center and in the pursuit of quality.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In a period of economic downturn, in particular, there is strong interest from companies towards issues related to Quality, both delivered and perceived, measured by the Customer Satisfaction surveys and by Mystery Shopping studies.

The importance of the Quality and of the systems to measure it has now structural reasons:

  • It involves a growing attention to “customer base” in the marketing strategy (market saturation)
  • Requires by companies a greater closeness to customer requirements (competitive pressure)
  • Sees the consumer more careful to the quality , more able to compare various offers and with growing needs (demand dynamics)

Since some years, however, for many companies, is not enough to  have a satisfied customer:  the consumer is involved in the experience that the company wants to convey, is powered an imagination that makes more and more pleasant and friendly the product or the brand. Maybe it will be just the customer to become a testimonial of the company.

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience is the inner and subjective reaction of the customer in front of any direct or indirect contact with a company.

The Analysis of customer satisfaction and of his  experience with the company at any point of contact is therefore essential to build a strong loyalty: the better is  the customer experience, the greater will be the bond with the company.

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction & Experience survey

The information collected through customer satisfaction and customer experience surveys can improve service processes to the customer both B2C and B2B.


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