On behalf of the advertising agency Ediguida, as part of a project promoted by the Ministero dell’Interno Italian Interior Ministry, Focus Marketing research team followed the campaign for “Assisted Voluntary Repatriation”, a project created to encourage conscious repatriation and socio-economic reintegration  of the most disadvantaged categories of migrants in the countries of origin, through a measure including consultancy, logistical and financial assistance to travel and to the entire journey.

Assisted Voluntary Return (RVA) is the possibility of return given to migrants who cannot or do not want to stay in the host country any more and who wish, voluntarily and spontaneously, to return to their country of origin.

The program, carried out by the Italian government, is aimed at specific categories of migrants, third-country nationals: applicants for international protection; who benefit from forms of international protection; with residence permit for humanitarian reasons;  victims of human trafficking; who live in Italy in situations of extreme vulnerability and serious discomfort; who do not meet the conditions of entry and / or stay in a Member State.

In particular, the RVA measure makes available to migrants:

– a free toll number to contact to be informed and addressed in order to make the request;

– travel expenses to the final destination in the country of origin and support to the migrant in requesting travel documents from the consulate of the country of origin;

– a cash allowance to meet basic needs upon arrival in the country of origin;

– a contribution in goods and services in the country of origin to facilitate the socio-economic reintegration process.

To make this measure, and the advantages it brings, more known and more clear  to migrants and the main stakeholders, the Italian Interior Ministry has launched a tender for the carrying out of a communication campaign – multimedia and multilingual – which was awarded to Ediguida advertising agency.


Focus Marketing researchers were asked to perform the ex ante and ex post advertising surveys: before the campaign started, the research team was responsible for monitoring the level of understanding and knowledge of this measure; subsequently, it verified its effects, measuring the level of information of the target audience.


The research thus allowed the exact evaluation of the results obtained by the campaign, which had an extremely positive outcome.