indagini sulla Customer Experience

Focus Marketing is historical partner of Foot Locker, international footwear and sportswear brand present in 25 countries and constantly expanding worldwide.

Since 2005 our Customer Experience surveys, carried out every six months in about 15 stores in Italy, allows the brand to measure the level of user satisfaction: the over 800 questionnaires per wave we get trough our professional interviewers allows us to analyze the shopping experiences, the lay-out and usability of store spaces, communication and relationship with staff and Customer Care, with a view to greater customer loyalty, allowing Foot Locker to understand the perception of the company by customers, in order to to optimize and constantly update its quality parameters, improving the brand’s performance.

The personal interviews – carried out twice a year, in spring and autumn – are carried out by professional interviewers of our network with the support of tablets, so that the opinions and feedback collected are sent in real time to the data processing center, which analyzes the responses by identifying the level of satisfaction of the brand on its target group.