According to a survey published by the newspaper “La Repubblica”, Italians, in this period of health emergency, are more likely to make digital payments, first of all for the security deriving from the lack of personal contact in compliance with the anti Covid 19 regulation but also for the payment speed. In fact, 62% of the Italians interviewed installed a Mobile Wallet application, thus placing themselves above the European average on a par with Spain.

This mode is popular because it is innovative and allows you to reduce the time dedicated to payment, also giving the possibility of storing multiple payment cards on a single device, smartphone or smartwatch.

However, concerns about possible security breaches and data theft remain high. For this reason, 30% of respondents say they prefer the use of credit cards in physical stores. If the majority of commercial businesses accepted cashless payment solutions, the percentage of users would certainly increase.

The fact is that, at the moment, all the innovations relating to digital payments (bonuses, discounts, lowering of service costs, etc.) are not yet fully operational. Many of these await both a formalization on a legal basis and the implementing decrees which, according to the Government, should still arrive by the end of the year.