2020 was a difficult year for tourism. According to data released by the World Tourism Organization, the crisis caused the loss of 142.6 million jobs and 3.815 billion dollars.

According to the Enit (Italian National Tourism Agency), international tourists, and especially non-European ones, will not return to Italy before 2022. In the coming years, short-haul destinations will be preferred to more distant ones, as happened in the summer of 2020 with an impact both in terms of monetary volumes and distance traveled.

Booking.com, an e-commerce agency active in the travel sector, has calculated that the average distance traveled by Italians in the summer of 2020 decreased by 60% (427 kilometers per booking) compared to the same period in 2019 (1,071 kilometers). In 2023 alone, the sector should slightly exceed the volumes of 2019.

In 2020 not only the distances have shortened, but also the the duration of the reservation, Volagratis.com, the search engine for low cost flights, has recorded that in 2020 the bookings of Italians from its site were 12 days closer to the departure from 2019. This behavior is entirely explainable given the restrictions caused by the health crisis.

These traveler behaviors, according to the global study carried out by Hotels.com, and disclosed in the “Upgrade 2021” report, will also be confirmed in 2021.

The 92% of people interviewed by the American company intend to be more impulsive than ever in 2021.

Almost a quarter of respondents say they would say “yes” to last minute travel (38%) and 30% say they would like to travel long-haul for only a few days without planning things to do and see (22%), favoring spontaneity. Spontaneity, however, rhymes with flexibility, the possibility of canceling the reservation at the last minute remains a must have also in 2021.

Not only last minute travel and flexibility, according to the Hotels.com report travelers also have the desire to pamper themselves, book hotels that offer luxury, relaxing and healthy experiences.

20% of respondents are ready for a luxury experience and would book a five-star hotel for an escape in 2021.

So what does the hotel of wishes have to offer in 2021?

In 38% of cases a spa, 35% of respondents instead want to book a room with a view, for 30% the hotel must have an internal restaurant and bar, but especially in 2021 peace and tranquility are sought (52%).