In the banking sector, customer care is essential to establish the relationship of trust, empathy and personalization necessary for customer satisfaction, reducing the abandonment rate.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic and social aspects of the country have made the role played by banks crucial in maintaining the entire system. Due to the restrictions to deal with the health crisis, bank intermediaries had to review their way of interacting with customers, mainly based on physical proximity thanks to which it was easy to interact with customers by strengthening empathy and personalization of the service. For this reason, it is strategic for banking institutions to carry out market research through which they can study the needs and requirements of their customers, identify the information necessary to adapt the service to their customers and keep their trust high.

For these reasons, the Popolare Pugliese Bank entrusted Focus Marketing, in collaboration with Focus Consulting, the creation of an online qualitative survey.

The methodology adopted by Focus Marketing for the market survey for Popolare Pugliese Bank involved the carrying out of 50 in-depth online interviews with the bank’s customers.

Online Customer Satisfaction is a qualitative methodology that guarantees the safety of interview participants without having to give up the characteristic aspects of in-depth interviews in person.

Focus Marketing to carry out the interviews commissioned by the Popolare Pugliese Bank prepared a video conferencing system in streaming thanks to which it was possible to collect all the typical stimuli of the face to face interview (non-verbal and para-verbal language, tone and attitudes) by carrying out the interviews in complete safety of the interviewees, interviewers and in compliance with the restrictions due to the health crisis.

The in-depth online interviews were carried out by expert interviewers remotely and made it possible to study the effects that the pandemic had on the customers of Popolare Pugliese Bank, what were the relationships with the bank and what the experience had in the months of lock down with other banking institutions. Through the in-depth interviews it was also possible to investigate the effects on brand reputation and identify the needs and expectations of customers on the bank’s future services.

Thanks to the Customer Satisfaction achieved through a complete qualitative methodology such as in-depth online interviews, the Popolare Pugliese Bank was able to know the strengths and weaknesses of the new methods of providing services for the entire territorial network of the institute, collecting complete and detailed information on customer opinions useful for developing future strategies to be implemented to maintain and increase trust with its customers.