Focus Marketing carried out the first wave of 2022 of the survey on consumer confidence in the province of Trento for the Camera di Commercio di Trento. The survey has reached its fourth six-monthly survey on the climate of consumer confidence in Trentino, a survey that the Chamber of Commerce launched in 2020 with the aim of measuring consumer sentiment over time. The third six-monthly survey on the climate of consumer confidence in Trentino was carried out in April 2022 and ended on 11 May 2022, the interviews were carried out by Focus Marketing using the mixed methodology CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) and CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing). Were interviewed n. 700 citizens of the province of Trento stratified by gender, age class and municipality of residence. Through the questionnaire administered to Trentino consumers, the key elements were investigated for understanding the dynamics of the local economy, the income conditions of resident families and the opportunity to make purchases. The answers provided by the interviewees were summarized in the confidence climate index thus allowing the temporal comparison between the various surveys.

In April, the Trentino consumer confidence index recorded a decline, settling at -20.6 points.

The decline is linked to the increase in the prices of energy products and to the inflationary pressures recorded since last autumn (sharpened with the start of the conflict in Ukraine), which determines a sharp worsening of the prospective judgments regarding the performance of the local economy and the family economic situation.
The assessments regarding the provincial economic situation, referring to the last twelve months, have clearly worsened compared to what was recorded in the previous survey conducted in October. The percentage of those who experience an improvement (slight or net) settles at 7.5% (from 21.8% last autumn), while negative opinions expand from 31.8% to the current 51.0%. The judgments of stationarity contracted by four percentage points and reached 41.3%.
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