Ray-Bans are among the most iconic glasses of recent years, elegant and with a shape that adapts to any type of face. The Italian company Luxottica has decided to create an ultra-technological upgrade of the most requested eyewear model of its assortment, in collaboration with Facebook, has created the Ray-Ban Stories, eyewear connected to an app on the mobile that allows you to take pictures, record video, send messages via voice commands that are received directly from the glasses. Focus Marketing was the Italian institute that oversaw the Product Test survey of the voice recognition features of Ray-Ban Stories glasses on the national territory, at the request of a leading company in voice recognition systems.

In the “Voice Technology Italia 2022” report produced by the Vocalime company, it is noted that voice assistants are known by 90% of Italians, but only 66% of them interact with them on a daily basis. There are several reasons for the low use of voice assistants. A part of the interviewees declared that the devices “do not have useful functionalities for their needs”, a good part declared instead of not using them because “they do not work well”.

The functionality and needs of users can be the subject of Product Test market surveys, an activity for which Focus Marketing has twenty years of experience, specializing in the testing of complex electronic products such as Ray-Ban Stories.

In Italy, the investigation was carried out in March and April 2022 and involved a sample of over 400 cases. Participants were chosen on the basis of their origin in order to differentiate the Italian dialects and thus allow you to test the voice assistant in different situations. During the testing session, participants were asked to take photos, record videos, listen to music and interact with the voice assistant and the connected application installed on the smartphones provided by the Client.

This survey allowed the identification of some elements for improving the voice recognition application, identifying the features that can offer an even more satisfying experience to the end user, thus orienting the manufacturing company’s research investments. A preliminary Product Test investigation is always necessary before the market launch of complex electronic products as it allows you to optimize the investment, improve the user experience and increase end customer satisfaction.