The consumer experience is increasingly at the center of corporate strategies. Developing a customer experience strategy has therefore become a structural and decisive path for many companies in order to optimize interactions with their customers, increase their satisfaction and improve business performance.

In this logic, the detection of feedback provided by consumers must be placed at the center of corporate strategies as it generates strategic benefits for the organization.

ATAC Spa, the main road and rail transport company of the Municipality of Rome, knows this well and places listening to its customers at the center of its improvement strategy through systematic customer satisfaction surveys, thanks to which it collects opinions and evaluations useful for the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided.

The systematic surveys of “Customer Satisfaction on the cleaning service of Metro C” of the ATAC company are entrusted to Focus Marketing Srl, which since 2021 provides the ATAC Spa company with the evaluation indices of the service offered, which are fundamental in the corporate decision-making process.

The survey is now in its second year and aims to verify the degree of user satisfaction with the level of cleanliness of the stations, trains and car parks of the Rome Metro Line C and the satisfaction of the “internal customer”, made up of ATAC staff, towards the level of cleanliness of warehouses, workshops and offices.

In the research project structured by Focus Marketing, the survey was structured so as to cover the entire operating hours on both weekdays and holidays. The survey is carried out annually with the CAPI-CATI-CAWI mixed research methodology.