Focus Marketing a Brand Awareness survey was carried out last July for one of the best known and most appreciated pubs / burgers not only in the province of Naples but also in Campania and in Italy: Da Gigione Macelleria & Hamburgheria. To confirm this, the Pomigliano d’Arco sandwich shop received, just a few days ago, the prestigious recognition of 50 Top Italy 2023 – Guida al Made in Italy, Da Gigione Macelleria & Hamburgheria, in fact, ranked first in the national ranking dedicated to the Best Sandwiches of Italy. Through the survey it was possible to achieve three fundamental research objectives:

  • Identify the knowledge and notoriety of the “Da Gigione” brand on the part of the target of potential customers in the province of Naples;
  • Verify the comparative knowledge with the main competing brands;
  • Outline the attributes that determine the character of the brand against the competition.

The analysis of the awareness of the “da Gigione” brand was conducted by Focus Marketing through a quantitative survey that made it possible to interview a very large and representative sample of the population residing in the province of Naples, consisting of 2,500 people in the five macro-areas of the province: Naples, North area, Flegrea-Giuglianese area, Inner Vesuvius – Nolano area, Vesuvius Coast area. Such a large sample guaranteed a very high statistical significance with an error of less than 3% and a confidence level of 95%.

The survey was carried out by adopting an integrated methodology to adopt: face to face and web interviews

  • Face-to-face interviews made it possible to reach large segments of the population in large urban centers in a casual way. The recruitment of respondents took place on the street and in meeting places.
  • The self-compiled web interviews, on the other hand, made it possible to reach even lesser and more remote municipalities.

But what emerged from the Brand Awareness survey carried out by Focus Marketing for “da Gigione”?

One of the most significant data is the Net Promoter Score, a highly effective indicator used internationally to measure customer satisfaction, expressed by the proposal to recommend the brand to others (friends/acquaintances).

The Net Promoter Score is based on a single question, such as: “with which likely would you recommend this product / service / site to a friend / colleague?” and expects an answer from 1 to 10.

The NPS is constructed from the difference between the percentage of promoters: those who expressed scores equal to 9-10 and the percentage of detractors: those who expressed scores between 0-6.

Among the Pubs in Naples and the entire province, “da Gigione” recorded the far better score than its competitors, reaching an extremely high score: 50.3% and overcoming the NPS of the most accredited competitor by over 10 percentage points.