Focus Marketing, had the opportunity to carry out for the third consecutive year the “Customer Satisfaction survey on the Metro C cleaning service”, which it carried out in March 2023, with the aim of verifying the degree of satisfaction of users with respect to the level of cleanliness of the stations, trains and car parks of Metro Line C in Rome and the satisfaction of ATAC personnel with respect to the level of cleanliness of depots, workshops and offices.

Consumer satisfaction: the key factors of the survey on Linea C Rome subway cleaning services

Consumer satisfaction is an objective which, placed at the center of its service strategy, allows the public service manager to improve customer relations and increase its performance. The survey, carried out on the basis of work shifts that guaranteed coverage of the entire operating hours of Metro C, made it possible to evaluate the following aspects in the context of the service provided to passengers on Line C of the Rome Metro:

  • General cleaning of rest and service areas
  • The hygienic state of the bathrooms and the presence of consumables
  • The hygienic state of waste containers
  • The state of cleanliness of the lobby and turnstile

Focus Marketing and the survey methodThe survey was carried out, as every year, with a mixed CAPI-CATI-CAWI research methodology. Interviews with users were therefore conducted mainly through the administration of paper questionnaires in the three stations of: Grotte Celoni; St. John; Teano, and users of the service were randomly selected. Furthermore, a sample of users listened to through telephone interviews and via the web via links was intercepted. As regards the interviews with ATAC personnel, the Focus Marketing interviewers went to the survey points, informed the employees of the aims and purposes of the research, then letting the employees fill in the questionnaires in completely anonymous form before collecting them for processing.