Focus Marketing designs and implements efficient and innovative research solutions with quantitative and qualitative methodologies, both in Italy and abroad, and research-based integrated consultancy interventions. The company boasts solid experience in the market research and mystery shopping sector and is a member of MSPA, the largest international association which, among other things, deals with drawing up guidelines for all those who carry out activities of mystery shopping.

MSPA: what it is and what it does

The Mystery Shopping Professional Association (MSPA) is dedicated to improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry. The fundamental purpose is to ensure that the principles of honesty, professionalism, correctness and confidentiality are respected, characteristics that Focus Marketing, through the mystery shoppers with which it collaborates, puts into practice on a daily basis in its activities. MSPA makes sector information and best practices available to its members, which it disseminates through professional discussions and requires all its members to adhere to a code of ethics and professional conduct that guarantees principles of quality and transparency in the mystery activity shopping.

MSPA Code of Ethics: what are the guidelines for mystery shoppers

To improve the value and reputation of mystery shopping services, all information must be correctly communicated to the end user in compliance with laws and regulations, moreover, being certified by MSPA, such as Focus Marketing, means respecting some important rules of conduct:

  • Commitment to improve service and promote excellence in the mystery shopping industry.
  • To provide mystery shopping services honestly and ethically.
  • Provide mystery shopping services in accordance with industry procedures and regulations as defined and agreed to by MSPA affiliates.
  • Instill confidence in the business community that mystery shopping is always done with professionalism and transparency.
  • Respect customers, their employees, our employees, subcontractors, MSPA affiliates and the general public.
  • Behave fairly towards other stakeholders, within the limits considered professional and in compliance with good ethical and business practices.

Being a member of MSPA therefore allows us to establish a relationship of trust, fairness and transparency with the mystery shoppers with whom we work, but at the same time grant them the right means to maintain high performance while always guaranteeing a quality service.Are you looking for a stimulating and dynamic professional relationship? Send your application as a mystery shopper and become part of our theme.