2023 began with an increase in tourist flows in Italy, with over 442 million presences and almost 127 million arrivals, recording a growth of 12.2% and 11.2% respectively compared to the previous year.

Almost 61 million foreigners choose Italy for their holidays, generating a total of 215 million overnight stays.

Over 20 million visitors in Campania: the first destination visited is Naples

In this context, Campania records a trend of tourist flows in line with the national trend, registering 20.8 million presences (+12.3%) and 5.7 million arrivals (+13.1%). Naples is among the cities preferred by tourists and has recorded the highest flow of visitors ever since the Easter 2023 bridge with around 170,000 arrivals, resulting in an estimated collection of accommodation activities of 44 million euros. This year, it was not only the cultural beauties of the Neapolitan city that attracted visitors from all over the world, but also the festive atmosphere that was breathed in view of the Scudetto of the Società Calcio Napoli.

 Tourism, therefore, remains the main wealth of the region and the signs of recovery for the sector are recorded above all on the incoming side, which in 2023, according to estimates, will lead to an increase of +25.9% compared to 2022.