According to the online magazine, April 2023 was a very positive month for the Italian car market, which recorded 125,805 registrations with a growth of 29.2% compared to April 2022, which with 97,365 units had archived the volume lower for the fourth month of the year after the one of the lockdown.

What were the types of customers?

From January to April 2023, the number of registrations rose to 552,850 units, an increase of 26.9% compared to the same period of the previous year. Market surveys show that all types of customers recorded growth with the exception of the private segment, which lost 4.8% reaching 48.1% of the total.
Long-term rental, on the other hand, recovered, rising to 26.0% (+0.6%); in the quarter it comes to represent 25.8% of the market (+5.5%). Short-term rental is also growing, which comes to represent 11.4% of the market and in the cumulative it reaches 6.2% (+3%). Companies lose 1 share point and represent 6.2% in the first quarter.

What types of car power supply do users prefer?

Market research reveals that the petrol engine is making a strong recovery, rising to a 29.2% share (+2.2%, to 27.6% in January-April). Diesel, on the other hand, fell to 19.7% of the share (-1.4%, to 19.6% in the first quarter). LPG goes back up to 8.3% of the share (to 9% in the first quarter), and methane stops at 0.1% of the share. Electric cars are down compared to the recovery in March, stopping at a 3.1% share in the month (3.7% in the quarter), while rechargeable hybrids reach 4.8% (4.5% in January- April). Overall, the so-called ECV cars (electric and hybrid) accounted for 7.9% of the market in April. Hybrids remain stable at 34.8% of preferences (35.5% in January-April), with 8.3% for “full” hybrids and 26.5% for mild hybrids (light hybrids).

Therefore, April 2023 closes with 125,805 car registrations compared to the same month 2022 and, according to estimates, 2023 will close with 1.47 million cars.