The cinema sector in Italy has always been a strong point of the entertainment industry. In 2023 it opened with great expectations and by analyzing the statistical data we can better understand the trends and opportunities.

Based on Cinetel data relating to takings from the cinema sector, released at the end of December 2022, 306,622,567 euros were collected at the box office in Italy last year, recording a number of theater attendances of 44,535,891.
Record takings for summer 2023

Exciting data are recorded in the summer of 2023, thanks to the “Cinema Revolution” initiative, the summer campaign of the Ministry of Culture, which made Italian and European films accessible to the public for just 3.50 euros in the period 16 June-16 September. With +40% in attendance compared to the summers of the three-year period 2017/2019, the 2023 summer season was one of the best ever for Italian cinemas. The films on the bill were driving the numbers, in particular two highly anticipated films such as Barbie by Greta Gerwig and Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan.
Signs of a strong recovery for cinema in Italy
An in-depth analysis of the Italian film sector shows a real subdivision of activities:

  • Film, video and television program production (represents 74.3% of the entire sector)
  • Cinema screening (14%)
  • Film, video and television post-production (7.7%)
  • Film, video and television program distribution (3.3%)
  • Production, post-production and distribution of film, video and television programs (0.7%)
    Rome confirms itself as the capital of Italian cinema. In fact, considering the distribution of companies in the sector, the regions that boast a greater presence of companies operating in the sector are Lazio (27.5%) and Lombardy (18%).
    After particularly complex years due to Covid and competition from online platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Video, the Italian film sector is showing heartening signs of recovery. Therefore, the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and a summer season particularly rich in films of great appeal have contributed significantly to the recovery, and it is always desirable to invest and support this sector with targeted campaigns.