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Focus Marketing is an innovative Startup founded in 2017, with the purpose of perfecting innovative processes in the field of market research inspired by the philosophy of AGILE Research: innovative methods, emotion-oriented approach (co-creation, collaborative approaches, community), shared wavelength and collaboration with clients, rapid and low-cost research approaches.

The Institute boasts particular specialisation in:

Focus Marketing is an ESOMAR and MSPA associated Italian Institute

The Institute designs and implements efficient and innovative research solutions using quantitative and qualitative methods, both in Italy and abroad, along with integrated research-based consultancy services.

Despite being a newly established company, Focus Marketing is founded on the extensive and solid experience in the field of market research and opinion surveys of its team of researchers, analysts and consultants. Professionals driven by their passion for research and the determination to obtain insights useful to their clients.

Offering an integrated system of services that, starting with the identification of the client’s needs, successfully fine-tune complete communication strategies and measures.


An extremely dynamic and flexible, project-based organisation, oriented towards problem solving.
Therefore, the company offers its expertise to its customers, creating custom solutions to achieve the pre-set objectives.

Roberto Porciello

CEO & Founder

Expert in social surveys, market research and territorial analysis, Roberto has gained vast national and international experience in the role of director of studies and qualitative and quantative research projects, combined with a consolidated background in management consultancy. He is a member of ESOMAR.

Angela Luongo

Client Director

As marketing consultant, Angela has decades of experience in coordinating and supervising research projecs and planning and fine-tuning communication measures. She holds the position of manager of private and international clients.

Nicoletta di Somma

Fieldwork Director

Nicoletta coordinates and manages all stages of fieldwork: preparation of project work, recruitment and management of the network of inverviewers / mystery shoppers, quota control, timing control.

Valentina di Somma

Head Of Product

Valentina is responsible for monitoring mystery shopper activities: she issues instructions, plans the check schedule, ensures compliance with the quotas and directives issued, verifies output quality and checks the information gathered.

Serena Cutolo

Head Of Product

Serena is responsible for coordinating research projects, managing relations with clients and project partners. She is also responsible for fieldwork briefing and controlling the quality and consistency of results.

Valentina Rossini

Office Manager

Valentina manages the administration, in charge of relations with suppliers and collaborators and coordinating all aspects of participation in tenders.


Since 2002, Focus Marketing has collaborated with a vast number of public and private organisations, at national and international level,
and has met their demands in terms of quality of service and reports.

Work With Us


The interviewer plays a fundamental role in a research institute. By definition, an interview is a verbal exchange between two people for the purpose of gathering information on a particular phenomenon.

Focus Marketing selects and trains its interviewers on the basis of principles and rules that guarantee maximum adherence to reality during the interview. The interviewers engaged in telephone and/or face-to-face interviews, who hold diplomas or degrees, must have superior communication skills, excellent proficiency in Italian and preferably also in English and be flexible and reliable.

It manages selection, training and allocation of projects, on the basis of evaluations, experience and the type of interview to be undertaken.

Focus Marketing’s fieldwork is continuously updated and extended and the company operates throughout Italy.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shoppers, or mystery clients, make purchases and/or use services like an ordinary client and simultaneously observe and evaluate the quality of services, procedures, the conduct of employees, the merchandising and product quality, precisely through the “eyes of the client”.
They then complete a detailed form to identify all the strengths and weaknesses of the experience of the purchase made; having filled out the form and successfully completed the assignment, they are paid a fee.

This activity can be performed by: a person in a point of sale, by telephone, browsing on e-commerce websites.
Mystery shoppers are used in different types of larger retailers, banks, hotels, car dealerships, etc.

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