The aim of the Program is to encourage and support the competitiveness of small and big enterprises, the agricultural industry, the fishery sector and the aquaculture business – (See Obiettivo specifico 2.4). The project, which is jointly financed by the European Union, the Italian government and the Campania Region, also aims to enhance the international growth of the enterprises (See Azione 3.4.2), and to encourage the purchase of international support services for the SME.


CUP (PROJECT CODE) : B25F19001250007 Financial decree n. 84 published in 2019, on the 13th of March (13/03/2019).

International growth program’s aim

Focus Marketing is a ground-breaking startup that had developed innovative solutions in the marketing research field, which are based on the usage of modern technologies following the processes and the methodologies of product placements, for the automotive marketplace.

The Institute received an economical support for the PISTA’s International Growth Program, from POR Fesr Campania 2014-2020 – Asse III, Azione 3.4.2, intended to widen our client portfolio in the automotive sector.

The automotive sector is characterized by a strong will to change. As a result, the role of marketing researches had become progressively more and more important. Our method is based on a customer driven choice focussed research, also following an insight on modern markets as to anticipate the consumers’ future needs on specific developing areas. Our approach is based on new concepts, product design, an image and brand refinement and a supervision of after-sale’s assistance quality.

What we realized

Our Institute, regarding the project, had realized:

  1. a specific marketing plan for the automotive industry;
  2. goal-oriented communicative acts;
  3. partner and client scouting on German and French markets;
  4. attendance to trade fairs, in order to reinforce the partner’s market position. The importance of this event is also linked to the detection of new commercial and strategical partners who are represented by Automotive Reserch & Analysis Institutes.
  5. Welcoming of German and French professionals, as an important moment of meeting to explore the crucial themes of our work and the related methodologies.

The above-mentioned actions towards the international market, together with a clear and direct strategy, had led Focus Marketing to a strong presence in these countries. As a Marketing Institute of Research, we are the landmark of the automotive sector in Italy.

With the support of our experts in international management, Focus Marketing had adapted its own structure in order to become an international centre of research, able to administer the foreign orders, also creating a precise strategy plan, to enter the French and the German industries.

Thanks to the received financial support, Focus Marketing had taken part in important trade events in Germany and France: we participated in Research&Results event, on the 23 th and 24th October in 2019, the most important event for the Research Institutes held in Germany. We also attended the Printemps des Etudes’s fair, on the 23 th and 24th of September 2021.

Expenses incurred

Overall cost with incentives

€ 83.489

Overall reported cost

€ 58.442,30

Fair attendance

Admitted cost € 33.329,00

  • Research&Results : on the 23th and 24th of October, 2019.
  • Printemps des Etudes: on the 23th and the 24th of September, 2021.

Foreign professionals incoming visits

ADMITTED COST € 8.000,00

Not realized as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Communication activities

ADMITTED COST € 16.520,00

  • Website creation, portals and other web-based environments translated in the language of the designed countries, exclusively addressed to promotional activities.
  • Web marketing activities aiming to targeted markets.

Specialized support

Admitted cost € 25.640,00

  • Research of foreign professionals and partners aiming to entering the international markets and to enhance our presence on international markets.
  • Tax Advisory on aspects related to corporate taxations in international contexts.
  • Development of Marketing plans for the Internationalization