• Do you have any question that you would ask to consumers but you don't want to spend a fortune for a market research?
  • Do you have any doubt to be clarified before making a decision or launching a new product / service?
  • Do you want to test the effectiveness of a promotion or an advertisement before launching it?

Focus One

1 question - 1.000 answers

Before any marketing choice every company should know the target market, the problem are the cost and time required to do it!

That's why Focus Marketing provides Focus One tool that allows the execution of ECONOMIC, FLEXIBLE, FAST and RELIABLE surveys.

How it works

  • You ask your question.
  • We launch on Focus Marketing panel with over 200,000 participants in Italy and over 5,000,000 worldwide.
  • We collect in a few hours responses for you, from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 5000.

Why Focus One

  • It is  International

    • You can ask your question to our panel of consumers in Italy or in one of the 40 countries in the world where we operate
  • It is  Cheap

    • You pay only for the questions you ask
    • You do not have to buy any credit
    • You have no obligation to purchase in time
  • It is  Fast

    • Get the answers within three days after its launch
  • It is  Flexible

    • You can as well ask a single question
    • You can add video, audio and pictures to integrate your question
    • You can expect up to 20 modes answer to your question
  • It is  Professional

    • We have conducted market research for over 20 years
    • We provide you support to formulate the questions in the best way
    • We will refund results processing of your question based on the main characteristics of the sample

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Our Clients

The testimonies of those who have used our services.

I think you did a really good job with the survey that you have conducted and we knew exactly what we needed.

Piret Kallas

Estonian Tourist Board

I would like to thank Focus Marketing for the efforts made. You have done a really good job and your answers were always helpful and punctual.

Michael Mahlich

Ista International GmbH

Perfect !! Quick responses and timely, what to want more.

Gino Esposito

ESA srl Environmental Special Activities