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Activity Areas

Market research allows to understand and interpret current phenomena and realities, to correlate the cross perspectives and to foresee the development trends.

Focus Marketing carries out qualitative and quantitative research through an integrated approach of analysis and study, and through the application of both traditional and innovative survey instruments.

Customer profiling

Provides guidance on how to improve oversight of traditional market segments, acquires untapped potential of non-traditional segments, and reaches niches to achieve high economic value. Learn more

Market Structure and Competition Analysis

Analyze the factors that influence consumer behavior. Allows you to pick up signals even weak ones and anticipate decisions which deal with the evolution of economic and social systems.

Social and Public Opinion Studies

Analyzes the social and behavioral tendencies using models to predict or interpret the changes in society and their consequences.

Customer Satisfaction & Experience

Provides an interpretation of the consumer’s perception about the perceived value and customer experience, as the set of sensory and emotional experience of the product. Analyze the factors that determine the construction of a real emotional bond between customer and company. Learn more

Concept & Product Test

Rebuilds the system of evaluation and appreciation of the product and the concept of the product in its launch phase, expressed in qualitative and quantitative termsfrom a representative sample of potential customers / users. Learn more

Usage & Attitude

Analyzes consumer behavior purchasing habits and potential of the consumer / one responsible for purchases. The survey analyzes the penetration rates and elaborates on motivational dynamics. Learn more

Studi sull'immagine & Branding

Assessment tools and strategies for image analysis and experience of the product. Supports the knowledge of strategic brand management, building a positive and differentiating reputation, and the development brand loyalty.


Represents an examination of cognitive and emotional value attributes based on the price of the product. Analyzes the reactions and behaviors related to purchase price changes, and the basic aspects for the analysis of components that give value to the product.


Settori di Ricerca Focus Marketing

Retail and GDO

Medicine, Health and Healthcare

Mobility and Tourism


Consumer goods


Public Administration



Focus Marketing carries out market researches by some main methodologies:


We have an own Contact Center and an own sophisticated software for CATI researches (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews). A software developed to meet our specific needs and the most complex needs of our customers.


We have set up an advanced CAWI software (Computer Aided Web Interviews) to carry out surveys directly via web on websites or through e-mail invitations.


We have built a network of interviewers widely distributed all over the country, experts in conducting face to face interviews and CAPI surveys (Computer Aided Personal Interview). We have also a dedicated software for CAPI data collection and analysis in real time and we have at our disposal many portable devices and tablets.

Focus Group, interviste qualitative ed in profondità

We have trained a team of professionals in qualitative research: sociologists and psychologists. We also have a network of locations that allow us to design, conduct and carry out qualitative studies with various methodologies all over Italy.

Mistery Shopping

Mystery Shopping detects anonymously and evaluates the services, the quality of products, processes, employee behavior and the arguments of sale in order to identify best and worst practices and redefine processes, identify new topics sale, create incentive models.

Panel & Communities

We have set up a web panel (national and international) that allow us to conduct online surveys all over the world. A panel profiled by socio-demographic characteristics that in Italy can count on more than 100,000 people.

Mobile and Gaming

These survey methodologies exploit the interactive potential of Digital to detect the spontaneous behavior of the participants. Game and use mobile devices increase the level of enjoyment ensuring a high involvement.

Ethnographic and Ethnosemiotic

Ethnographic research allows to reconstruct from within the symbolic world and the relational dynamics of the group or the community surveyed.

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