Focus Marketing carries out surveys on the market awareness in relation to the brand, on the attitudes towards the  brand competitors, and on the effective use of the product / service, this allows to measure the consumers behavior  and the different behaviors of use for specific brands, categories or markets.

Benefits of Usage & Attitude research

The Usage & Attitude researches guide the brand development and growth of companies, identifying opportunities for expanding, specific ways to attract new customers, improvement of product positioning, and optimize the characteristics of the product and the service.

Goals of U&A study

The surveys of U&A are related to monitoring studies, who follow these measurements in the course of time.
To answer questions about issues related to:

  • Brand Awareness: What is the percentage of customers in our market who thinks spontaneously to our brand? What is the percentage of customers who comes to mind our brand when they see it?
  • Attitudes towards the brand (Attitude): What is the overall reputation of our brand in the minds of customers? What is their satisfaction with the brand in comparison with the competition? What customer needs are more or less satisfied?
  • Use of the brand (Usage): What percentage of the market buy our brand? How often do they buy it? What is the buying process? How do customers find information about our brand?

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