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La Young People Survey coinvolge attivamente l’universo giovanile nell’indagine, mirando non solo all’osservazione e alla raccolta delle informazioni, ma anche alla contemporanea attivazione di uno spazio di incontro, confronto e riflessione nel gruppo.

What is Young People Survey

Young People Survey is an innovative survey methodology for the young universe that describe and interpret “the young universe”.

Young people and children directly and indirectly influence consumption and habits of households, and strongly determine many aspects of society: sport, transport, education and culture, ecology, tourism, entertainment and leisure, health and wellness.

What is the use

Young People Survey allow you to:

  • Obtain accurate and thorough information on the survey topic
  • Highlight the characteristics of youth on the theme
  • Highlight significant aspects of the relational dynamics of groups
  • Identify effective solutions about communication strategy
  • Identify effective solutions for the development of new products / services or the update of existing ones
  • Explore the value and experiences system about the topic


Young People Survey is carried out through the collection of information between peers, that is, between people who belong to the same group or have the same social class, which establish a relationship of reciprocal information. The youth, therefore, become partners rather than mere recipients of the survey. The survey is therefore a system in which people of the same age, status and similar experiences can pass such information amongst each other and learn from each other, using the same codes and languages, and minimizing the barriers due to the different generations.

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